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    Detecting ultrasonic signals in a turbulent atmosphere: performance of different codes

    TítuloDetecting ultrasonic signals in a turbulent atmosphere: performance of different codes
    Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
    Año de publicación2007
    AutoresÁlvarez, FJ, Ureña, J, Hernández, Á, Jimenez, A, Marzziani, CD, Villadangos, JM, del Perez, MC
    Idioma de publicaciónEnglish
    Conference Name5th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing (WISP2007)
    Páginas613 - 618
    Conference LocationAlcalá de Henares, España
    Fecha de publicación03/10/2007
    Numero ISBN1-4244-0829-6
    Palabras claveTURBULENT ATMOSPHERE, Ultrasounds

    Signal coding and pulse compression provide ultrasonic systems with the capability to obtain accurate measurements that are nearly independent of the conditions of operation. This property, together with the high robustness to noise also achieved with these techniques, are making possible the development of high reliability systems intended for outdoor operation. However, these systems must face new problems not found indoors, such as the effect of atmospheric turbulence on the shape of the emitted waveforms. This work presents a comparative analysis of the performance of different codes that are used to encode the signals of an ultrasonic sensory system designed to operate under strong turbulence conditions.

    Detecting ultrasonic signals in a turbulent atmosphere.pdf1.38 MB

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