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General structure of modules and tasks

To address the objectives defined in the project, a set of tasks has been defined and organized as described below. For the sake of simplification and organization, all tasks have been grouped into 3 modules, taking into account the relationship of the grouped tasks and the objectives.

Both this relationship and the interaction between the subprojects is explicitly stated within the collaboration of all subprojects in all modules, thus jointly addressing the overall set of objectives as follows:

  • Module 1 covers the methodological design proposed in objective O1-General, comprising the tasks addressing O1-URJC, O2-URJC and the interaction with O1-UAH and O2-UAH in terms of activity definition, sensing configurations and quantitative metrics.
  • Module 2 covers the algorithmic approach proposed in the O2-General and O3-General objectives:
    • The design, implementation and evaluation of technological systems within O1-UAH and O2-UAH with a close link to O2-URJC. 
    • The integration of UAH technological results within the O3-UAH objective, with the support of the O3-URJC objective.
  • Module 3 covers the clinical validation proposed in the O4-General objective, within the O4-UAH and O4-URJC objectives.
  • Module 0 oversees project management and coordination support, and module 4 focuses on dissemination activities. In both modules, all subprojects have a relevant participation.

Modules, tasks and objectives

The following figure shows the structure of modules and tasks, in which, for each task, explicit reference is made to the objectives of the project.

Diagrama de módulos y tareas


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