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NoticiasContratación de personal predoctoral para realización de tesis doctoral jesus.urena03 weeks 2 days ago
BiblioDynamic Adjustment of Weighted GCC-PHAT for Position Estimation in an Ultrasonic Local Positioning System jesus.urena01 year 7 weeks ago
BiblioAplicación de arquitecturas reconfigurables al diseño de sistemas sensoriales ultrasónicos jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
Biblio“Modulación mediante secuencias complementarias Golay: aplicación a la detección de ultrasonidos y a las comunicaciones” jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
BiblioCodificación de emisiones ultrasónicas con secuencias complementarias para uso en exteriores jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
Biblio“Sistema de localización Acústico empleando Conjuntos de Secuencias Complementarias” jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
BiblioLocalización y Autocalibrado Simultáneos con Sistemas de Posicionamiento Local Ultrasónicos jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
BiblioComparative analysis of an underwater acoustic relative positioning system using coded signals jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
BiblioNon-Intrusive Load Monitoring techniques for Activity of Daily Living recognition jesus.urena01 year 11 weeks ago
BiblioAdvanced monitoring of rail breakage in double-track railway lines by means of PCA techniques jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioMultipath Compensation Algorithm for TDMA-Based Ultrasonic Local Positioning Systems jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioSimultaneous calibration and navigation (SCAN) of multiple ultrasonic local positioning systems jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioCalibration of Beacons for Indoor Environments based on a Digital Map and Heuristic Information jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioAcoustic Local Positioning With Encoded Emission Beacons jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioNILM Techniques for Intelligent Home Energy Management and Ambient Assisted Living: A Review jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioLow-Complexity Joint Time Synchronization and Channel Estimation for OFDM-Based PLC Systems jesus.urena03 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioEfficient Generator/Correlator of GPC Sequences for QS-CDMA jesus.urena03 years 50 weeks ago
Proyecto de I+D+iSistemas Cooperativos de Localización para Personas y Objetos en Entornos Diversos jesus.urena04 years 10 weeks ago
NoticiasVersión subtitulada video GEINTRA jesus.urena07 years 49 weeks ago
BiblioDS-UWB indoor positioning system implementation based on FPGAs jesus.urena09 years 15 weeks ago
BiblioInfluence of different phenomena on the errors in distance measurement using underwater acoustics coded signals jesus.urena09 years 17 weeks ago
BiblioGeneration and Correlation Architectures of Multilevel Complementary Sets of Sequences jesus.urena09 years 17 weeks ago
BiblioEfficient Architectures for the Generation and Correlation of Binary CSS Derived From Different Kernel Lengths jesus.urena09 years 22 weeks ago
BiblioEfficient complementary sequences-based architectures and their application to ranging measurements jesus.urena09 years 42 weeks ago
BiblioLPS Auto-Calibration Algorithm with Predetermination of Optimal Zones jesus.urena09 years 47 weeks ago

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