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    Álvaro Marcos-Ramiro

     Contact info

    Office O-202
    Escuela Politécnica Superior - Universidad de Alcalá
    Campus Universitario.
    Carretera Madrid-Barcelona, Km. 33,600.
    28871, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain)
    Phone: +34 91 885 69 10

    I am a second third fourth year PhD student at the University of Alcala (Madrid, Spain), under the supervision of Marta Marron-Romera, Daniel Pizarro-Perez and Daniel Gatica-Perez.

    Recent activity

    06-2014: Very happy to announce that I will be joining from July onwards the Chassis Control department of Bosch in Hildesheim, Germany :)

    06-2014: PhD thesis successfuly defended with maximum marks :) Update 07-2014: The thesis was awarded with Honors since the anonymous votes of the 5 members of the committee reached consensus.

    02-2014: I am now in the job market. CV and references on request.

    01-2014: Experimental work for the PhD finished, first version of the Thesis book already written and under the reviewing phase.

    11-2013: Joined the Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview program (Idiap's news).

    09-2013: Back at Idiap Research Institute.

    05-2013: Nonverbal communication feature about SONVB project by Swiss TV RSI

    02-2013 - 06-2013: Attended Venturelab entreprenourship course at EPFL

    09-2012 - 06-2013 : Research visitor in Idiap Research Institute (Martigny, Switzerland)

    06-2012: Attended AERFAISS 2012 (Vigo, Spain)

    09-2011 - 02-2012: Research visitor in Idiap Research Institute (Martigny, Switzerland)

    10-2010: 4-year FPI-UAH PhD Scholarship granted

    06-2010: Attended Advanced GPU Summer School by Universidad del Mar, featuring Manuel Ujaldon (Torrevieja, Spain)

    Research interests
    Computer vision
    - Markerless motion capture
    - Tracking
    - Body activity descriptors
    - Depth camera imagery
    Machine learning
    - Non-linear classifiers/regressors
    Nonverbal communication
    - Prediction of social constructs
    - Job interviews
    Intelligent vehicles
    Optimization methods


    2010 - June 2014: PhD student in University of Alcala

    2009 - 2010: Research assistant in Universtity of Alcala

    2007 - 2009: MSc in Advanced Electronic Systems: Intelligent Systems, University of Alcala

    2004 - 2007: BSc in Technical Industrial Engineering: Industrial Electronics, University of Alcala

    List of publications [Google Scholar]

    A. Marcos-Ramiro, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Marron-Romera, D. Gatica-Perez, "Highly appearance- and scale-invariant monocular motion capture" - to appear in ACM ICMI 2014  - accepted as oral - Non-final PDF
    A. Marcos-Ramiro, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Marron-Romera, D. Gatica-Perez "Automatic blinking detection towards stress discovery" - to appear in ACM ICMI 2014  - accepted as oral - Non-final PDF

    L. Nguyen, A. Marcos-Ramiro, M. Marron-Romera, D. Gatica- Perez "Multimodal analysis of body communication cues in employment interviews" - ACM ICMI 2013 - [PDF] - accepted as oral

    A. Marcos-Ramiro, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Marron-Romera, L. Nyugen, D. Gatica- Perez "Body communicative cue extraction for conversational analysis" - IEEE FG 2013 - [PDF, Bibtex, Video] - Accepted as oral

    A. Marcos-Ramiro, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Marron-Romera, M. Mazo- Quintas "Captura de movimiento y reconocimiento de actividades para múltiples personas mediante un enfoque bayesiano" - RIAI 2013 - [PDF], [Video]

    A. Marcos-Ramiro, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Marron- Romera "Captura de movimiento de múltiples personas mediante GPLVM y un PF mixto" - SAAEI 2011 - [PDF, Bibtex] - Accepted as oral

    M. Marron-Romera, D. Pizarro-Perez, A. Marcos-Ramiro, R. Jalvo-Penin, J.C. Garcia, M. Mazo-Quintas "Tracking multiple agents in an intelligent space with probabilistic algorithms and a camera ring" - IEEE ISIE 2010 - [link]

    M. Marron-Romera, J.C Garcia, M.A. Sotelo, D. Pizarro-Perez, M. Mazo-Quintas, J.M Cañas, C. Losada, A. Marcos-Ramiro, R. Jalvo-Peñin, I. Bravo "Stereo vision tracking of multiple objects in complex indoor environments" - Sensors 2010 [PDF]
    M. Marron-Romera, D. Pizarro-Perez, J.C. Garcia, A. Marcos-Ramiro, R. Jalvo-Peñin, M. Mazo-Quintas "Multi-agent 3D tracking in intelligent spaces with a single Extended Particle Filter" - IEEE WISP 2009 - [PDF, Bibtex]

    A. Marcos-Ramiro M. Marron-Romera, D. Pizarro-Perez, R. Jalvo-Penin, M. Mazo- Quintas "Seguimiento de múltiples objetos en espacios inteligentes mediante un único Filtro de Partículas" - SAAEI 2009 - [Bibtex] - Accepted as oral

    Seguimiento de múltiples objetos en espacios inteligentes - MSc Thesis 2009 - [PDF, Bibtex]

    Video - [Youtube link]


    Media coverage - Il Gesto Rivelatore, 2013 - [Video link]
    Telemadrid Horizontes, 2009 - [Youtube link]